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We buy homes as is.  Even in challenging situations.

Get a FRESH start


Same day cash offers if your property meets our requirements.  No auction signs or waiting around to list with an agent.  No dealing with buyer requests. We keep it simple and take the stress off of you.  


Traditional selling methods can take 30-60 days.  When you need help fast, a cash close can speed up the process and get you out of debt fast.  We know situations require swiftness and we meet or beat your deadlines to close.


No need for repairs.  We're here to rescue homeowners in a time of crisis to get you a fresh start today. Let us solve your problems and save you from foreclosure. 

Liz Romani

Indiana Property Pro 

Director of Indiana Property Pro, Liz Romani has lived in Indiana for over 15 years.  As a successful leader, Liz is committed to helping the people of Vincennes and surrounding communities thrive. 

What We Do 


We find win-win solutions for people in distressed real-estate situations.  Maybe you are already facing foreclosure, or the debts are starting to mount.  You may feel there is no way out and you do not know what to do. 

That's where Indiana Property Pro can help.  We are not realtors, but we invest in real-estate, communities and more importantly, the people in them.  Working with you we can quickly stop any foreclosure, and create a tailor-made solution to your financial problems that will help you get a fresh start. 


Our innovative approach can support you and your family out of this challenging situation.  As a solutions-oriented organization, we can produce a win-win situation for you today.  

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Beautiful Private House in the Suburb

How it Works

  1. You invite us to take a look at the property.

  2. We do our homework estimating any repairs needed.

  3. We make you an offer.

  4. We can close within 2 weeks of your acceptance.

  5. We put cash in your pocket and you get a fresh start with no bad effects on your credit.  

Contact Us 

We will respond within 24 hours 

Thanks for submitting!

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